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What is Lago?

LAGO has been designed by FDomes, a leading manufacturer of a glamping solution, to take your glamping to a new level of luxury, regardless of whether you have a glamping resort, a small Airbnb spot or a private property.

After years of experience in glamping industry, FDomes has addressed the needs of glamping owners, providing a unique Sauna in three different versions.

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LAGO Sauna
a step into a deep relaxation

Manufactured in-house in Europe, LAGO Sauna is marked by the highest quality of materials, thoughtful design, and undeniably precise realization.The project of LAGO has been inspired by nature in order to make the sauna beautifully immerse into the surrounding.

Sustainable LAGO

To provide an eco-friendly solution, LAGO is made of wood, steel, and glass, additionally warmed up with a narvi wood-burning stove with stones

Boost Your Business with LAGO Sauna

Decide on LAGO to create a place filled with luxury that will delight your future Guests. Increase income per night at your resort, diversify your business offer or just use Sauna whenever and wherever you want.

Enjoy LAGO Sauna for a Private Use

Place LAGO wherever you want and delight in its unique benefits. Use LAGO to experience deep relaxation, strengthen your body and improve blood circulation.

Why Lago Sauna

Narvi wood-burning
sauna stove with stones

spruce interior

Selection of additional

Reinforced with
a galvanised steel frame


Lago on wheels with
additional deck and a step

Take your glamping
to a new level of luxury

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